Dear Old Dad

August 19, 2013

My band Ezra Bell was out at the Waterfront Park in Portland busking when when a man began to film us. After we finished our song, he came up to us, told us his name (Cory Fossum), said he loved our music, and asked if he could grab his film crew to film a song in more depth. This was (for obvious reasons) really exciting. All in all, we filmed three songs with Cory. Here’s the first one and what he had to say about it.

Ezra Bell - Dear Old Dad from Cory Fossum on Vimeo.

I was in Portland filming a video for a client with my team, Steven and Jen. We were out capturing shots of the city at night by the river. From across a giant field, I heard what I thought was a drum circle. When I ran over to check it out, I discovered it was an entire band that was busking in the park. And their music was beautiful. It instantly touched my soul the way only great music can. I knew I had to capture it. So I called Steven and Jen and told them to drop everything and meet me at the park with all our equipment, which we just happened to have with us at the time. We set up the four cameras we had on our jib and steadycam and tripod and captured this performance, as well as two other songs. Which are coming soon. I got home and edited this video before I even unpacked.

Spontaneous. Inspired. Soulful. Everything I love about music is captured right here.