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2022-05-16: just opened up a bag of tea that only brews 80ml of tea. the absolute nerve

2022-05-15: oh don’t mind me, i’m just deploying prod at 8pm on a sunday. nothing to see here!

2022-05-15: about to willingly use Single Table Inheritance in a Rails app and i’m wondering what in my life has …

2022-05-11: ☕️ just cut open a new bag of beans and brewed a perfect shot on my first try 🥴 this is one of those …

2022-05-11: Coinbase is a mission focused company… and that mission is to minimize shareholder value 😌

2022-05-10: apparently someone subscribed to my blog feed in GitHub’s slack ages ago and now that i’m using my …

2022-05-10: i was already deeply tired of seeing lots of Depp v. Heard videos pushed onto my TikTok feed but the …

2022-05-09: live video of everyone who is still staying tuned: Used to respect @hashicorp. Now… don’t. …

2022-05-08: going out to read is always better with a plus-one

2022-05-08: Safari is the One True Browser™ 😌

2022-05-04: ☕️ poured a pretty decent one today!

2012-09-06: Stop Validating Email Addresses With Regex