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some shows shouldn’t be allowed to have a “Skip Intro” button and Cowboy Bebop is one of them

how the fuck did i live this long without getting a zojirushi rice cooker 😭😭😭

i am kiiiinda blown away by this service that @[email protected] has built… i just pushed the redesign of my website but this tempts me 😫 omg.lol

i finally launched my new website! to celebrate, i wrote my first blog post in nearly SIX YEARS, inspired heavily by @[email protected]'s latest post

this might also be the first time i've ever felt really good about how my site looks and feels! check it out!


BENOIT BLANC: Now hold on just a minute! You say you use this catacomb as some kinda fancy wine celluh? [CHUCKLING] Because, and I hesitate to posit this because of how painfully obvious it is, but judgin’ by the messy brickwork, I believe this wall hides far more than mere wine!

packed a pour over setup for this new years cabin getaway and forgot one of the most important pieces: my grinder. 😭

there's nothing quite like rewriting a blog post you wrote ten years ago because the one-off writing style you decided to try out makes you cringe 😌

still salty that crypto bros have ruined “gm”

stopped using @[email protected] when COVID hit and then just never picked the habit back up. now that @[email protected]’s beta is out, i keep forgetting to do it; literally pulled over after i drove away from a fish market yesterday because i had to add it to the map and check in 😅

the feeling of brewing a perfect shot of espresso with a brand new bag of beans without having to dial them in is exactly the same feeling as tests passing on the first try

okay i finally got access to @[email protected] and it’s good. i miss having an intuitive central view into all of my notifications as opposed to the “Statistics” tab that tweetbot was forced into when Twitter limited their API… no reason to do that here, so i hope (1/2)

tera raids in #PokemonSV would be so much fun if they weren’t buggy to the point of being unplayable