David Celis

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I'm a full-stack web developer who specializes in architecting elegant APIs with an eye towards usability and maintainability. I am passionate about beautiful, readable code and believe strongly in community-driven coding standards. When I am not writing products that directly benefit other engineers, I'm an avid Open Source Software advocate. I maintain many open source libraries (some of which are listed below) and have contributed to many more, including Ruby on Rails, bundler, Discourse, Hanami, and fish.


GitHub January 2016 - Today Platform Engineer

As a member of Platform Engineering, I'm responsible for helping build and maintain GitHub's Developer API, third-party integrations, and webhooks.

IMMUNIO April 2015 - December 2015 Ruby Agent Engineer

As a Ruby Agent Engineer, I am responsible for the Ruby gem that reports customer data back to IMMUNIO's top-notch security monitoring service while remaining performant and crash-free. I also architected the API that powers IMMUNIO's front-end dashboard and have implemented features to aggregate data on customers' most important security vulnerabilities so they can easily find them and fix them in their code bases.

DigitalOcean August 2014 - March 2015 Software Engineer

I helped improve response times in some of the least performant Cloud dashboard pages and developer API endpoints. I also worked on an effort to re-implement and re-design DigitalOcean's DNS product. Finally, I was part of a team focused on improving the usability and functionality of various internal tools, including a custom CMS used heavily by their Customer Support team.

New Relic October 2012 - August 2014 Senior Software Engineer

I worked on the customer-facing dashboard for their APM product, helping develop features such as Key Transactions and X-Ray sessions. After leading the development of a new feature as project manager, I joined an internal effort to lay down the foundations for New Relic to migrate to a service-oriented architecture.

DECK Monitoring May 2011 - July 2012 Software Engineer

I worked on a dashboard to display solar energy usage and generation metrics to customers. My major contribution to DECK Monitoring was the automation of reporting solar data to California utility companies on behalf of DECK customers seeking tax benefits.


goodbre.ws January 2011 - March 2014

goodbre.ws was a project borne out of my last year in the Rollins College Computer Science department. As a senior in the honors program, I was expected to produce an exceptional capstone project, present it, and defend it to the faculty. I chose to build my own collaborative filtering system based on the Jaccardian Similarity Coefficient. To provide a practical application for this system, I created goodbre.ws, a recommendation website for beer written in Ruby on Rails. The site was unexpectedly featured on Lifehacker and The Huffington Post.

Recommendable January 2012 - Today

Recommendable is a gem that I extracted from goodbre.ws. It is a drop-in recommender system for Ruby applications using Likes and Dislikes. Ratings and recommendations are stored in Redis to utilize fast set math for collaborative filtering.

Crepe September 2013 - Today

Crepe is a lightweight API framework designed to help you write clean, fast web services in Ruby. With an elegant and intuitive DSL inspired by RSpec, and with a nod to Grape, Crepe makes API design simple. Originally written by my brother and a friend of his, I joined as a maintainer in 2013 as I began to provide pieces to Crepe's ecosystem such as Creperie (a project generator and CLI) and a plugin to report performance metrics to New Relic.

rack-console July 2014 - Today

rack-console is a Ruby gem to provide an interactive Ruby interpreter for any Rack-based web application. Think of it like rails console for everything but Rails.

Sunscreen July 2014 - Today

Sunscreen is a Mac OS X app that I wrote for fun. It's a lightweight menu bar app that changes your desktop wallpaper based on local sunrise and sunset times. Sunscreen was my first (of hopefully many) forays into Swift and developing in Apple's Xcode development environment.


Code: Ruby/Rails, Swift, JavaScript, SQL, GraphQL

Tools: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Docker, git, Xcode


Rollins College 2007 - 2011 Computer Science, B.A.H.

I graduated summa cum laude with a B.A.H in Computer Science. Having achieved a 3.99 GPA (4.0 Major GPA), I was in the top 5 of my class and was on the President's List for all terms.