A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

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I checked in at Meguro River Cherry Blossoms / Meguro / Tokyo / JP

they’re still not all open yet… but i’ll take a partial bloom over nothing. and i made it in time for the festival!!

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I checked in at BRICK / Shibuya / Tokyo / JP

this wagyu curry and beer were like fifteen bucks. how. umai.

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I checked in at Stamina Kushiyaki Nakagaki / Shinagawa / Tokyo / JP

I checked in at Mori Art Museum / 港区 / 東京都 / JP

wow, just in time i guess!

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I checked in at Blue Bottle Coffee Hiroo Cafe / Shibuya / Tokyo / JP

I checked in at SWITCH COFFEE TOKYO Meguro / Meguro / Tokyo / JP

I checked in at OSARU coffee / Naniwa, Osaka / Osaka / JP

I checked in at Nunobiki-no-taki Falls / Chuo-Ku, Kobe / Hyogo / JP

how come all the white guys on this hike just come up to u and say “yes” in Japanese?

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I checked in at Hyo's Burgers+Fries / 中央区, 神戸市 / 兵庫県 / JP

wasn’t expecting the mozzarella cheese. crazy cheese pulls

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I checked in at Glitch Coffee Osaka / 北区, 大阪市 / 大阪府 / JP

weirdly bad latte art but the roasts were light, the jazz was tight, and the coffee tasted right

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I checked in at Bar Juniper / Kita, Osaka / Osaka / JP

I checked in at Ichimatsu / 北区, 大阪市 / 大阪府 / JP

suuuuuper different from the yakitori omakase from the other night. and i’m really happy about that.

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