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just spent 10 minutes writing an extremely detailed GitHub Issue and, seconds before posting it, realized what the problem was and how to fix it. Friday Brain 🫠

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I never post about my work, but I’m so proud of myself and my team: five months ago, we prototyped a modern alternative to PagerDuty. Today, it lives! This is the most involved I’ve ever been with a launch; I built and designed significant parts of the system! This is a huge highlight for me 🥹

Finally: alerting and on-call scheduling for how you actually work

Introducing alerting and on-call scheduling for modern engineering teams. Get fair pricing, team-based controls, less noise, and flexible scheduling from the team that brought you powerful, end-to-end incident management.


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tomorrow, my team launches what is probably the highlight of my career so far. i haven’t been able to say anything like this since i helped build the original GraphQL API at GitHub back in 2016

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i’ve been using Bridgy to backfeed replies/likes/reposts from Mastodon and Bluesky back to my own site… and now i’m finally showing them off. feels good to check off another box!

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this GitHub issue is how i learned that the guy who created homebrew is now a crypto grifter who’s trying to monetize OSS contributions on the blockchain while running a largely AI-generated package manager? bruh

I'm confused: what's with the project descriptions at https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/? · Issue #5358 · pkgxdev/pantry

Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere already, or if this is explained in docs somewhere, but I don't understand the contents you have in https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/. Lets take a few popular pro...


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TURBOTAX: We found something missing from your federal return. State Tax Refund Worksheet: Item Q line 2 should be entered.
ME: i don’t know what that means. can you tell me?
TURBOTAX: it means go fuck yourself lol

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Checked in at Upper Left Roasters / Portland / OR

Checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

been almost two years since my last OSS contribution 😭

Rescue from `Interrupt` in `tailwindcss:watch` by davidcelis · Pull Request #336 · rails/tailwindcss-rails

When sending a SIGINT to end the rake tailwindcss:watch (or, for modern Procfile-based Rails applications, bin/dev) task, Ruby processes this via an Interrupt exception that can be rescued to handl...


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Checked in at Laurelhurst Market / Portland / OR