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I never post about my work, but I’m so proud of myself and my team: five months ago, we prototyped a modern alternative to PagerDuty. Today, it lives! This is the most involved I’ve ever been with a launch; I built and designed significant parts of the system! This is a huge highlight for me 🥹

Finally: alerting and on-call scheduling for how you actually work

Introducing alerting and on-call scheduling for modern engineering teams. Get fair pricing, team-based controls, less noise, and flexible scheduling from the team that brought you powerful, end-to-end incident management.


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this GitHub issue is how i learned that the guy who created homebrew is now a crypto grifter who’s trying to monetize OSS contributions on the blockchain while running a largely AI-generated package manager? bruh

I'm confused: what's with the project descriptions at https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/? · Issue #5358 · pkgxdev/pantry

Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere already, or if this is explained in docs somewhere, but I don't understand the contents you have in https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/. Lets take a few popular pro...


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been almost two years since my last OSS contribution 😭

Rescue from `Interrupt` in `tailwindcss:watch` by davidcelis · Pull Request #336 · rails/tailwindcss-rails

When sending a SIGINT to end the rake tailwindcss:watch (or, for modern Procfile-based Rails applications, bin/dev) task, Ruby processes this via an Interrupt exception that can be rescued to handl...


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this is one of the dumbest API vulnerabilities i’ve ever seen lmao

How Spoutible’s Leaky API Spurted out a Deluge of Personal Data

Ever hear one of those stories where as it unravels, you lean in ever closer and mutter “No way! No way! NO WAY!” This one, as far as infosec stories go, had me leaning and muttering like never before. Here goes: Last week, someone reached it to me with what


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🗣️ The layoffs will continue until morale improves

PayPal to Cut Around 2,500 Jobs as Rivals Snag Market Share

PayPal Holdings Inc. will reduce its workforce by about 9% this year as Chief Executive Officer Alex Chriss, who took over in September, grapples with rising competition, profit pressures and a raft of analyst downgrades.


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Also note, I had a good long discussion with Justin Searls about Standard. It’s a great project, and if it fits your sensibilities, I’d encourage anyone to check that out as an alternative. But it was a fair ways off my aesthetic preferences, so wasn’t going to be suitable for the omakase menu.

great, can’t wait to have to remember yet another --skip-* option whenever i run rails new

Add (a very basic!!) Rubocop by default · Issue #50456 · rails/rails

I've finally relented on Rubocop, granted that the style enforcement is kept incredibly light. This could be the mother of all bikesheds, so I intend to reduce the style enforcement on by perso...


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Is there any reason at all to use Pry these days? Honest question.

New Features in Ruby 3.3’s IRB

Excited to unveil the major enhancements in Ruby 3.3's IRB! From improved debugging capabilities to an enhanced autocompletion experience and pager support, we've got a lot to share 📢 It's impossible to capture all the things we did, but I tried 😅 https://railsatscale.com/2023-12-19-irb-for-ruby-3-3/


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