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the last time i worked in an office was ten years ago, in the infancy of my career, at New Relic. all of engineering was maybe 40 people, but 2.5 years later when i left, there were a few hundred of us. we worked together, ate lunch together, went on coffee walks together… there wasn’t any of that “we’re a family” bullshit, but we were all friends. i don’t think i’d ever want to give up the option of remote work, but my sense of community has only dwindled since then. i really, really miss it.

imagine writing software that is universally beloved. software that is unambiguously ethical.

imagine writing software for toto toilets and bidets. and then ask yourself: what are the rest of us doing with our lives?

i was just about to tap my phone to an MTA turnstile when i hear a “hey”; looked up and four people dressed as mario, luigi, peach, and a banana peel were holding the emergency exit open so i just walked in 💀