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not the best pic (our kitchen lighting is kinda fucked rn) but my local HMart had some good looking presliced A5 miyazaki short rib, so i blowtorched it and made gyudon with a cured egg yolk, real pickled wasabi, and grunions 😋

i just finished Loki and it was fun but, damn, i don’t know how anybody keeps up with all the MCU shit. absolutely the most confusingly tangled web of media ever

i love going to uwajimaya, but i wish they had a more central location in the portland metro, especially since it now takes me 30 minutes to get there at basically all hours of the day

i will literally never bother with orechiette ever again. doesn’t matter how quickly you start to stir or how much you stir… it’s gonna clump up. absolute garbage. F Tier pasta shape

docker’s desktop app continues to be one of the most frustrating pieces of software that exists. it’s absolutely wild that it can’t even reliably update itself

the other night, when i was walking back to my hotel room, there was this group of three gen z 20-somethings standing outside the stadium; one of them randomly yelled a “what’s up tho???” at me as i was walking by and when i instinctively reacted with a “hi”, they all just laughed at me :(

just had my Apple Card declined at a brewery and, instead of getting a “Suspicious Transaction” notification, they just completely locked my card. in fact, they locked it so hard that not only did they force a reset of my card number, they forced a reset of my Apple ID password. what the fuck?

i strive to write code that’s readable enough not to need code comments… but when you’re dealing with time and duration, it’s really difficult to keep things straight. i’ve been working with time a lot as i work on FireHydrant’s upcoming on-call product, and something i’ve been adding a lot to my code that deals with time is visual comments. for example, take this test about requesting coverage. the intended result is visible at a glance without having to juggle eight timestamps in your head!

i feel like i’m going fucking crazy. can someone please explain to me why Vips would be increasing the file size of a WebP when saving it with 90% quality???

> File.size(webp.path) / 1e6
=> 1.222172
> Vips::Image.new_from_file(webp.path).write_to_buffer(".webp", Q: 90).bytesize / 1e6
=> 1.763958