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i had my 35th birthday while i was in Japan, and there’s only one thing i want from you all:

please contact Seven & I Holdings and push for them to modernize american 7-Eleven stores, bringing Japanese convenience store culture to the states. lobby congress. our 7-Elevens could be so much better.

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the absolute best exchange i overheard in Japan:

TOURIST: i love Miyazaki. is he big here?
NATIVE: Miyazaki?
TOURIST: yeah, is he famous here?
NATIVE: Miyazaki… etto…
TOURIST: Spirited Away?
NATIVE: … ehhhhh… baseball???

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the amount of coughing on my 7h30m flight was unreal. nearly constant dry coughing from multiple people and children. most people still not wearing masks. it’s just incredible that people accept this

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got suckered into buying some sakura green tea in the shopping mall just outside of Haneda because a nice lady stopped me with a sample cup and it was delicious 🌸🍵🌸

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i just think it’s really cool how Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t let you check into flights that depart from abroad in their app or on the web and force you to do it in the lovely, not-at-all-stressful environment of the airport 🙂‍↔️

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decided to walk the river again and see how the blossoms are progressing but it started to rain lightly. checked my phone, “light rain for 30 minutes”. okay, i’ll just shower before. i get out of the shower, and now it’s pouring. checked my phone, “thunderstorm warning, rain for the next 2 hours” 🙃

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ME: can’t wait to visit Japan in late March! it won’t be hot yet! and i’ll see sakura! haaiii!!!
JAPAN: or how about no sakura and 80°F weather, bitch
ME: … haaiii…

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back in Tokyo for the last leg of our trip and if these cherry blossoms don’t open in the next few days i might genuinely lose my shit 😭

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i lost my KN95 mask somewhere and i literally cannot find a suitable replacement anywhere. which i guess makes sense because everyone in Japan is still using surgical masks or woven ones that only have like 80% filtration (despite advertising more). where the fuck can i buy a good mask here???

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our one and only interaction with the chef at lunch was during dessert (chiffon cake with whipped cream and strawberries) when he walked up to me with a big grin on his face and showed me a translation app on his phone to communicate to me: NICE GUY WITH BEARD CREAM

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