A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

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i sleep incredibly hot and today is the first day of an early summer heat wave… so i’m pretty thankful that the water-cooled mattress cover i ordered a month ago arrived just in time 🥴

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I checked in at Tough Luck / Portland / OR

thought i’d make pizza for my partner and myself tonight. made hers with sautéed kale from her garden, which was still so bitter that it wasn’t very good. then i cut up some jalapeño cheddar sausage and provolone for mine but tore the dough while shaping it. there’s no back up dough 😭

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I checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

I checked in at Northwest Crossing Saturday Farmers Market / Bend / OR

I checked in at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters / Bend / OR

I checked in at 10 Barrel Brewing Company / Bend / OR