Hi! I'm David Celis. I’m a software engineer at HashiCorp (where I write APIs) out in Portland, Ore. (where I drink IPAs). In the past, I have worked for other top-tier companies such as GitHubStaff, DigitalOcean, and New Relic.

I also write open-source software as much as possible; I believe strongly in the world of free software and the amazing community it fosters. I have written and maintained several popular libraries and contributed to dozens more.

My main hobby is music. I’ve been a classical pianist for a while, but in the past few years I’ve turned to folk music. On my own, I mostly do covers, but I’ve also played in several groups. I’m currently a member of The Jackalope Saints, where I play trumpet, keyboard, and even sometimes the glockenspiel.

Looking for a great web developer to do some freelance work for you? Check out my résumé and get in touch.