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Looks like they won’t be getting to my lightning talk. If anybody wants to talk about English grammar in ActiveSupport, come find me! #RoA3

Just signed up to give a lightning talk on ActiveSupport’s singularization and pluralization in Rails. More than a little nervous. #RoA3

“Frustration kills enthusiasm” — syntax matters when teaching kids to code. That shit never stops mattering! I still can’t stand C #RoA3

Met David Ryder last year at Ruby on Ales and had talked to him on IRC. Just found out about what happened to him last February. Sigh.

#RoA3: @1337807 is doing Transcranial direct-current sitmulation live on stage. Dude is zapping his own dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

This man is about to undergo self Transcranial direct-current stimulation. He is about to send current through his prefrontal cortex. #RoA3

“This is the second year Jeff Parr and Jeff Barr have attended [Ruby on Ales]. They don’t know each other. Yet.” #RoA3