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the 4K fireplace vid i put up on my TV is so realistic that my air purifiers turned on 😳

i have fucking ruined tinned fish by buying stuff by Conservas Braseadas Güeyumar. their shit is better than any other tin but they’re so expensive 😭😭😭

accidentally sprinkled coriander all over my partner’s coffee instead of cinnamon, which would be fine if she didn’t actively dislike coriander 🙃

ME: why isn’t this button clickable when i make the page more narrow???


ME: …

Z-INDEX: maybe it’s DNS?

ME: man, people in the 30s probably just didn’t see it coming. at least we can see it coming DAD: what? ME: World War III DAD: please… can we talk about nice things? like the collapse of bitcoin?

flew all the way to minnesota for thanksgiving and there’s no snow in the forecast at all. extremely rude

good to know that mask usage in crowded airports and flights can somehow keep dropping even more 🫠 i’m seeing less than 10% now! and in PDX, no less!!

your username can apparently be registered by someone else if you deactivate your account for more than 30 days

go into protected mode, delete your tweets if you want; but don’t deactivate or delete your whole account or someone else can even more easily pretend to be you twitter.com/iridienne/stat…

so what iOS app(s) are folks using for mastodon? am i right that only Metatext and the official Mastodon app are actually maintained? everything else that comes up on the app store doesn’t seem to have been updated for at least 6m or even 1-2y

just opened a six year old BA stout and it tasted mildly like soy sauce so that’s how my night’s going, i guess

how sick would it be if FFXIV finally added voice chat but made it proximity based