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welp, after almost five long years, i’m finally going back to Japan in late March! which is 🌸sakura🌸 season!! and this time i’m going with my brother!!! i’ll have two nights in Tokyo and two in Nara, then he’s meeting me for four in Osaka (after his speaking gig is done), then three more in Tokyo!

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Checked in at Helium Comedy Club / Portland / OR

guess i’m gonna see this Bobcat Goldthwait guy do standup. i hear he’s pretty funny on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

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Checked in at Away Days Brewing Co / Portland / OR

ME: maybe i’ll play around with fragment caching on my website
WEBSITE: bro the worst response times you’re getting are like 120ms. chill
ME: but if i’m not spending time on unnecessary optimizations, what am i even doing with my life?

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