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I checked in at Mayfly Taproom & Bottle Shop / Portland / OR

I checked in at Hypnos Coffee / Portland / OR

I checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

I checked in at Tough Luck / Portland / OR

spent all week procrastinating on a work task because it involves an extremely complex system that i’ve somehow mostly avoided and when i finally forced myself to start it this afternoon, i was done 30 minutes later 🙃

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there’s a bar near me that i love but they play loud music and have bad acoustics; i finally came with my airpods and put them in transparency mode and it’s a fucking game changer

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I checked in at Tulip Shop Tavern / Portland / OR

I checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

I checked in at Take Two / Portland / OR

A couple of my teammates wrote a really great migration tool that’ll take your on-call setup in PagerDuty/OpsGenie/etc. and use it to generate Terraform configuration for the closest equivalent in our own alerting/on-call product, Signals. And it’s open source! 🤩

Automatically migrate your on-call setup to Signals

We are making it easier than ever to move off PagerDuty, Opsgenie, or VictorOps and get started on Signals. And it’s open source.


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BREAKING NEWS: Congress amends stipulations of proposed TikTok ban. TikTok may remain in US app stores if they change their algorithms to make it so we don’t have to scroll past four to six ads, sponsored/commissioned posts, or live videos for every one normal post.

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100% agree with this (although i do get around that last bit by just writing perfect code with zero bugs 😌)

Matthew Lyon (@[email protected])

I probably don’t want to know about what’s new with your app I definitely don’t want you to pop up a modal dialog I can’t dismiss with multiple animated steps describing what’s new honestly I’d prefer it if you didn’t add anything new – I want you to fix bugs


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i opened a GitHub issue on Brogue (a modern version of the game Rogue) and it’s the only good issue i’ve ever opened

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