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seesa is warning seesos about a breach at seesense??? oh no

Why CISA is Warning CISOs About a Breach at Sisense

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said today it is investigating a breach at business intelligence company Sisense, whose products are designed to allow companies to view the status of multiple third-party online services in a single dashboard.…


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I checked in at Chill N Fill / Portland / OR

I checked in at Ovation Coffee & Tea / Portland / OR

I checked in at Wilder Bar Cafe / Portland / OR

I checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

i had my 35th birthday while i was in Japan, and there’s only one thing i want from you all:

please contact Seven & I Holdings and push for them to modernize american 7-Eleven stores, bringing Japanese convenience store culture to the states. lobby congress. our 7-Elevens could be so much better.

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the absolute best exchange i overheard in Japan:

TOURIST: i love Miyazaki. is he big here?
NATIVE: Miyazaki?
TOURIST: yeah, is he famous here?
NATIVE: Miyazaki… etto…
TOURIST: Spirited Away?
NATIVE: … ehhhhh… baseball???

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the amount of coughing on my 7h30m flight was unreal. nearly constant dry coughing from multiple people and children. most people still not wearing masks. it’s just incredible that people accept this

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