A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

David Celis

A cowboy coder.

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Checked in at Apex Bar / Portland / OR

looked at their menu online by chance. lucky me!


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@zompus i remember when beer was cheap in this city 😭

@davidcelis It's been so long since I had a Pliny the (anything) I'd probably pay that just to taste one. Haven't had access to Russian River beer in nearly 12 years.

@zompus oh wow, it never makes it up to Seattle?

@davidcelis hot take: Notorious is even better, and $2 cheaper!

@andybaio i love Notorious too! and i don't even disagree about it being better, but i see it more often so the novelty is still worth getting a glass once a year 😅

@davidcelis Funny story: there was a guy at the dog park (in TX) whose dog wore a collar that said Pliny the Younger and when I asked, he explained that it was a promotional collar for That Beer and his dog was merely named Buddy.