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Please, please, please make sure to exercise your right to vote! Voting is so important. It may seem like Elon is a shoo-in, but that doesn’t make your vote for him any less meaningful πŸ™Œ

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@davidcelis ermmm the sad truth is that Elon Musk is probably one of the *best* tech CEOs

@davidcelis fr I'm not joking

To take a random example: Palmer Luckey stole all the designs for the Oculus from his publicly funded uni research program, sold to Facebook and then used his cash to fund fascist shitposters. And then he could have done anything with his life and chose to make robots to kill migrants

@neilk ok? how the fuck does that make elon one of the BEST tech CEOs? if you were to tell me that you think there are worse people in tech than Elon, fine, i’d listen. but saying he’s β€œprobably one of the *best* tech CEOs” just sounds like the brainworms talking