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been almost two years since my last OSS contribution 😭

Rescue from `Interrupt` in `tailwindcss:watch` by davidcelis · Pull Request #336 · rails/tailwindcss-rails

When sending a SIGINT to end the rake tailwindcss:watch (or, for modern Procfile-based Rails applications, bin/dev) task, Ruby processes this via an Interrupt exception that can be rescued to handl...


/ 🦋 / 🦣 Woodlawn / Portland / OR 57°F and mostly clear  (AQI 19 )

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Yeah my OSS work has slowed down dramatically the last few years. The vibe is not great these days. Also doesn’t help that ten years of work got swallowed up by MS to help Github try to sell my own code back to me via Copilot
yyyeaaaaaaahhhhh then there’s that