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this GitHub issue is how i learned that the guy who created homebrew is now a crypto grifter who’s trying to monetize OSS contributions on the blockchain while running a largely AI-generated package manager? bruh

I'm confused: what's with the project descriptions at https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/? Β· Issue #5358 Β· pkgxdev/pantry

Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere already, or if this is explained in docs somewhere, but I don't understand the contents you have in https://pkgx.dev/pkgs/. Lets take a few popular pro...


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@davidcelis Reading through that GH issues thread - it’s all so gross and misguided. Tech is getting so embarrassing.

@dandean bro managed to combine all the worst parts of tech into one singular idea, i'm impressed lmao

It’s *so* weird. Just baffling decisions.
i saw some tweets from a while back that make it seem like he grew deeply resentful of how popular/ubiquitous homebrew became and how he didn’t make any money off of it