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trying my hand at another sourdough focaccia after my last one came out super wrong 😅 i think i have a better idea of what happened now, tho! last time, i over-developed the gluten and then let it overproof because it wasn’t rising during its final proof. this time is already going SO much better!

finally got cross-posting to Bluesky working last night; the AT protocol is seriously frustrating to use and the docs are no help at all. i had to scour their test suite and watch network requests while posting on the web 😒 posting an @mention or link is bad, unfurling a link is EGREGIOUSLY bad

Feels absolutely surreal to announce this, but it’s a huge milestone 🥲

I got promoted this week and earned my first “Principal Software Engineer” title after 13 years in the game 🎉

ME: ugh why won’t this sourdough starter monitor i just bought stay connected to my wifi?
ME [opening microwave to check on the jar]: … wait a second.

remember how dope StreetPass was back in the Nintendo 3DS era? i still wish they’d brought it back for the Switch, but @tvler took that idea and built a StreetPass browser extension for Mastodon! as you browse around, pages with a rel="me" link to someone’s Mastodon profile will accumulate in the extension just like walking by someone else with a 3DS 😂 streetpass.social

i created my Threads profile mostly just to take a look, and the app was instantly annoying. algorithmic feed, no way to turn off replies in the feed… it’s just thoughtless and unexciting engagement bait from blue checks and people i don’t know. pass.

pizza night with the bros!

  1. garlic scape pesto, mozz, sliced scapes.
  2. red sauce, local arugula.
  3. twona (tuna two ways. spring onion, buffalo mozz, half olive oil, half red sauce with capers)
  4. local mushroom medley, mozz, ricotta, chives.

this is why i wish bluesky wasn’t capturing the attention it has been. this is what they’re trying to pass off as moderation: the option to hide impersonators, hate speech and nazi posts as opposed to banning them outright. this should be completely unacceptable.

back when i exported all my tweets and put them on my own site, i stored syndication links back to the original tweets and always meant to show links to them in their footers. i guess i’m glad i didn’t waste the thirty minutes now that they’re all login walled

one of my favorite things about Tears of the Kingdom is that i can’t type “totk” on my phone without it aggressively autocorrecting to things like “york” or “total”.

but apparently nobody else can either, because every time i try to google things about totk, even the search suggestions are autocorrected 😭