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i’m in Nara, where the main thing to do is Nara Park (you know, the one with the deer). i’m only here for today. the cherry blossoms aren’t blossoming and it’s gonna be rainy all day! let’s gooooo

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i am so envious of this gnarled old cherry tree that lives a block away from me 😭 but wow, another great walk today. getting really excited about seeing these in Japan next week too!!!

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the thing i miss most about Twitter might be Circles. i loved having people i could post more vulnerably with in the relative safety of a Cone of Silence

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i am extremely aware that ChatGPT, Copilot, et al. produce gibberish and hallucinate constantly, so whyyy do i keep forgetting that they can’t do math???

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my absolute favorite thing about software updates on Windows is seeing an error message with a hex code pop up for less than a second before disappearing, and then wondering if my computer will ever boot up again

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spent like 30 minutes debugging why my Apple Maps snapshot images for check-ins suddenly broke yesterday after switching from HTTParty to Faraday… turns out Faraday sorts request parameters by default?? why??? param order usually doesn’t matter but sometimes it REALLY does, like signed URLs

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