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took an impromptu trip to Astoria for my birthday. it’s the kind of town where, if you sell house plants and succulents, you also sell energy crystals. the only good coffee shop closed down in December, but it’s still beautiful here.

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@davidcelis Seriously last time I was in Astoria I bought crystals (because they looked cool) from a cute little shop

@tylerdave i don’t blame you! i think it’s silly that we have to ascribe mystical powers to make these already beautiful rocks more appealing

@davidcelis I hate that I feel like I need to provide a disclaimer for having them on my shelf!

@tylerdave that’s the main reason i haven’t bought any myself 😭

@davidcelis man I did love spending a weekend there. Just chill vibes walking around a Main Street downtown with the huge and terrifying Columbia River alongside.