A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

David Celis

A cowboy coder.

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imagine writing software that is universally beloved. software that is unambiguously ethical.

imagine writing software for toto toilets and bidets. and then ask yourself: what are the rest of us doing with our lives?

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@tenderlove it should be an expectation. it should be a right!

@davidcelis But I could be writing literal shitware!

@miah instead, we’re stuck merely shitposting 😫

@davidcelis Indeed, straight from the shitseat!

@miah the only reasonable throne for the prose

@davidcelis @tenderlove I don't want share m software in my toilet, but I'm all for bidets

@davidcelis Imagine writing opensource software for toilets and bidets