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just had my Apple Card declined at a brewery and, instead of getting a “Suspicious Transaction” notification, they just completely locked my card. in fact, they locked it so hard that not only did they force a reset of my card number, they forced a reset of my Apple ID password. what the fuck?

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i was excited about the Apple Card early on but it just kinda sucks. the novelty of it being titanium is basically the only thing it has going for it. this is the second time they’ve locked it and forced me to reset the number and then fix dozens of autopay setups. the rewards aren’t good, it doesn’t integrate well with budget apps that aren’t mint… why am i still using this fucking card? ugh

@davidcelis wow, never heard of it getting locked. My partner and I use it as our main cards and no issues, integrated with mint, and find the rewards to be fine since it is simple.

@davidcelis question: do you use the physical card all the time? I rarely even have the card on me and just use tap and have no had it ever get locked.

@Mulderc i use it when tap-to-pay isn't an option, which frequently happens at places like bars where they take your card to keep a tab and then just swipe it when you're done.

@davidcelis Ahh, yeah I always pay as I go and all the bars I go to have NFC now.

@davidcelis I probably use the card itself like once a month at most.

@Mulderc i'm not sure how this is supposed to help me

@davidcelis pointing out that you have a likely very unusual usage pattern for an apple card. Use a different card for those situations where NFC isn't available

@Mulderc unusual for you, but not unusual for me. my entire card history is full of a mixture of NFC taps and physical card swipes. the only unusual thing right now is that i'm in Colorado, but i have been for almost two weeks and have been using my card in my normal pattern the entire time

@davidcelis I'm saying unusual for an apple card user. sure it might be usual for you but if your card is getting locked you are likely tripping some sort of odd behavior line for users of that card.