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a movie i wanted to watch is a roku channel exclusive. roku channel. who’s out here subscribing to ROKU CHANNEL??? this post-cable future has jumped the shark. i’m not going to subscribe to a dozen streaming services that all charge $15+ for their ad free tiers! i’ve finally been broken. i’m cancelling every streaming service i subscribe to and getting back into torrenting. fuck this. most of the shit on streaming services is garbage now anyway and i just scroll endlessly and get bored

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@davidcelis Just today I wondered whether I'd be happier spending my streaming subscription money on bargain bin DVDs.

@davidcelis even without torrenting Plex has a pretty cool feature of the universal watchlist, an index of movies and TV shows you want to watch with knowledge of what streaming service it’s on

@davidcelis I swear to god I am this close to joining you - trying to watch an hbo show when I swear to god hbo is bundled with my Verizon plan but I can’t figure out how to use it nearly drove me to the edge