A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

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i guess it miiight be a little early for sakura

/ 🦣 / 🦋 Aobadai / Meguro / Tokyo / JP 38°F and clear  (AQI 7 )

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@davidcelis i think you’re on time; they’re just late :/

@davidcelis whoa, Naka-me kinda naked!

Are the buds close to bursting yet? Usually they look like there gonna pop at any moment right about now.

@starrwulfe i left on the 3rd and only 1/3-1/2 of the blossoms had opened by that point 🫠

@davidcelis I got so used to it getting earlier and earlier in the 9 years I lived in Kanto, I forgot this is the normal time they bloom