A photo of me wearing a blue blazer and pocket square while on a horse, looking quite dapper.

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ok i found some. they weren’t the ones i wanted but that’s okay.

/ 🦣 / 🦋 Aobadai / Meguro / Tokyo / JP 45°F and clear  (AQI 31 )

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@davidcelis Small upside of our suburban house — our street was the cherry tree street in the subdivision. Ours blooms weeks before the others and earlier this week was buzzing with bees

@davidcelis Outside my front door here in Sherwood. Only two trees but a nice perk.

@davidcelis To be clear other houses have trees too but none of theirs are blooming yet. All different varieties I guess.

@jasonrclark ah nice! we have some on the next block but my partner won’t let us have any in our own yard 😂 i was hoping to catch blooms along the Meguro River; literally booked a hotel right on it to see them but the forecast shifted and they’re not gonna bloom until the day after i move on 🙃