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i lost my KN95 mask somewhere and i literally cannot find a suitable replacement anywhere. which i guess makes sense because everyone in Japan is still using surgical masks or woven ones that only have like 80% filtration (despite advertising more). where the fuck can i buy a good mask here???

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the most irritating part about this is that i actually happened to see a box of KN95 masks in some random shop early on in my trip and thought about buying it just in case since i only had my one mask. but i don’t remember what store it was or where it was. uggggghhhhhhhh

@davidcelis not immediate but amazon.co.jp to your hotel is an option

@mnemonica unfortunately not for me, i’ve only really got a couple days left here 🫠

@davidcelis also ask your hotel’s front desk? it may be something you can just buy in a drugstore.

@mnemonica lol that’s maddening, i literally just went there a few hours ago and could only find bad masks 😭 also im in an Airbnb, so no hotel clerks

i just found a KN95 that i’d shoved into a pocket in my backpack, probably months ago, and had forgotten about 🙃