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woke up yesterday to another of our chickens having passed away overnight 😞 we’re not sure what happened this time, and we’ll probably never know. we don’t think she was eggbound, but there was definitely something wrong with her. we don’t know if she was sick or if there was something else wrong with her reproductive system. i know they’re not pets, but it’s still so hard. thankfully, we don’t think she had been suffering badly, but i feel so bad for our last chicken; she’s all alone now 😣

twitter went down hard for a while and i didn’t even notice because i barely use it anymore. neat!

remember when adding a javascript library to your website was as easy as downloading a file? or even just adding a <script> tag with a CDN-backed URL? now it’s a hellscape of NPM dependency trees and remote ESM imports. every year we stray further from the light

i loved watching Station Eleven, but i’m so glad that i decided to read the book, too. i just finished it and the last few chapters made me start to cry multiple times. what a way to capture the terrible, fleeting beauty of our world.

made (vegetarian) tamale pie for dinner last night and realized that i had no idea what it was supposed to be until i actually saw a recipe for it. i’d been mislead into thinking it involved polenta, so i’m glad i finally made it for myself, because i think it’s even better with the cornbread topper!

just downloaded an archive of my Instagram data that i requested earlier today and… it includes everything about my account except my photos? what.

ME: builds a complicated posting interface on his website including asynchronous image/video uploads

ALSO ME: never actually posts