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A cowboy coder.

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trying to google why one certain website would open fine on my mac, but not in any browser on my windows PC, and it’s so infuriating. literally every result is about the opposite problem!

sooo with the latest update to the #Gowalla beta, it looks like i have 2-3 invites to give away! any of my mutuals wanna get to try it out early and be friends? priority to Portland area friends since it seems like this iteration is pretty social, but i’d also invite a good enough friend who doesn’t live nearby!! just reply here or lemme know in DMs!

BENOIT BLANC: Now hold on just a minute! You say you use this catacomb as some kinda fancy wine celluh? [CHUCKLING] Because, and I hesitate to posit this because of how painfully obvious it is, but judgin’ by the messy brickwork, I believe this wall hides far more than mere wine!

i love living in a house that’s over 100 years old! you get constant ants, mold in the basement, mice in the basement, mice in the kitchen, rats in your attic, squirrels that move into the attic once you finally, after weeks, get rid of the rats… it’s like your own personal self-contained ecosystem 😌

there’s nothing quite like rewriting a blog post you wrote ten years ago because the one-off writing style you decided to try out makes you cringe 😌