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when twitter finally goes down, i’ll want nothing more than to tweet about it, and that’s just incredibly sad lol

it took 3-4 days for twitter to generate an archive of my data… and it won't download lmao. it's over a gig, stalled after ≈200MB, and now clicking the link just immediately downloads an empty .zip file 🫠

tbh i wish it were reasonable to just eat sushi every single day

really good thread about how Mastodon (and federated “platforms” in general) creates silos that make it incredibly difficult for marginalized communities to organize twitter.com/shengokai/stat…

a moment of silence for sparkles.lol, which i finally shut down because nobody was really using it (not even my own work slack) 🙏

twitter was already having some intermittent loading problems but it's a LOT less intermittent today lol

just remembered that “Fleets” used to be a thing

wooow, a week ahead of the world cup? apparently one of the two biggest events on twitter in terms of traffic? this might be what takes twitter down with no good way to bring it back up twitter.com/CaseyNewton/st…

PAUL: peanut and fruit? you wouldn’t normally put those together

PRUE: it sounds quite strange to me

PB&J: am i a fucking joke to you?