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docker’s desktop app continues to be one of the most frustrating pieces of software that exists. it’s absolutely wild that it can’t even reliably update itself

Checked in at Scotch Lodge / Portland / OR

i thought the daikon crudité was wild but then they brought out the seaweed butter papardelle 😭

Checked in at New Seasons Market / Portland / OR

Checked in at Portland International Airport / Portland / OR

absolutely cannot wait to crush a huge glass of water that tastes like nothing

Checked in at Bodega / Denver / CO

had to go back for the breakfast sandwich… and i’m glad i did

Checked in at Steam Espresso Bar - Denver / Denver / CO

Checked in at Temaki Den / Denver / CO

is three sushi places in one week too many? (don’t answer that, its rhetorical, and the answer is “no”)

Checked in at Great Divide Brewing Co. / Denver / CO

the other night, when i was walking back to my hotel room, there was this group of three gen z 20-somethings standing outside the stadium; one of them randomly yelled a “what’s up tho???” at me as i was walking by and when i instinctively reacted with a “hi”, they all just laughed at me :(

Checked in at Dimestore Delibar / Denver / CO

Checked in at Little Owl Coffee / Denver / CO

just had my Apple Card declined at a brewery and, instead of getting a “Suspicious Transaction” notification, they just completely locked my card. in fact, they locked it so hard that not only did they force a reset of my card number, they forced a reset of my Apple ID password. what the fuck?

Checked in at Diebolt Brewing / Denver / CO

Checked in at Huckleberry Roasters / Denver / CO

i strive to write code that’s readable enough not to need code comments… but when you’re dealing with time and duration, it’s really difficult to keep things straight. i’ve been working with time a lot as i work on FireHydrant’s upcoming on-call product, and something i’ve been adding a lot to my code that deals with time is visual comments. for example, take this test about requesting coverage. the intended result is visible at a glance without having to juggle eight timestamps in your head!