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made (vegetarian) tamale pie for dinner last night and realized that i had no idea what it was supposed to be until i actually saw a recipe for it. i’d been mislead into thinking it involved polenta, so i’m glad i finally made it for myself, because i think it’s even better with the cornbread topper!

just downloaded an archive of my Instagram data that i requested earlier today and… it includes everything about my account except my photos? what.

you know it’s a good day when you get to sit on the phone with all three of the major U.S. credit bureaus AND your local city’s tax/revenue department 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

i’m doing some of the stupidest/hackiest shit i’ve ever done because of how picky i am about how i want my posts to look not only on my own website but where i cross-post… now i’m wondering why i wrote a bunch of stupid custom markdown parsing/rendering hacks instead of just adding micropub/mediapub endpoints and using something like iA Writer or Indiekit 🫥

my maddening rabbithole for the last 1-2 days has been trying to figure out why smart punctuation and text replacements work differently in various HTML inputs, contenteditable elements, and specifically CodeMirror editors depending on whether or not you’re using a Mac or an iPhone. i wish i could just let this go, but nooo, i want my own little post composer text field that makes dumb little curly quotes, fixes ellipses, and counts my characters!

If all went according to plan, I should have cross-posting set up on my website, and you’ll see this on Mastodon 🤞 Once I get my posting interface set up to accept photos and videos, I’ll finally be able to switch to posting everything from my own site!

there’s nothing quite like the dread of having to implement a difficult feature followed by the relief of discovering a package that’s a complete (and extensible!) plug-and-play solution

if you haven’t deleted your twitter account yet, you should really log back in to spread this amongst your friends who remain there:

in a week, all of the free tools that make it easy to bridge between Twitter and Mastodon will die, and it’s unclear if anybody who maintains one will pay, especially since no price has been announced. in a week, your twitter friends will find it more difficult than ever to find folks who have left and joined other platforms. let them know. twitter.com/twitterdev/status/

is there any point to using the “Pause Docker” option in Docker Desktop? like ideally pausing Docker would mean it stops sucking up the entire memory limit that I’ve set for it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. keeps on using 16 GB of memory for no reason.

GOD i am such a javascript noob. Stimulus is helping, but it took me way too long to get this working 🫠

tho, to be fair to myself, a lot of the difficulty stemmed from sticking with Rails’ newer importmap pattern because i really really do not want to have to deal with building javascript dependencies

tried using tailwind’s aspect-ratio plugin and put aspect-w-* and aspect-h-* on some images today; they immediately rendered at 0x0 and vanished off of the page. i love CSS 😌

do twitter’s data exports seriously not include all the fucking alt text i wrote for my images? i’ve been working on importing my tweets into my new website and while the photos are there, none of the captions are. if i want to keep my shit accessible, im gonna have to go back and write alt text for thousands of pictures 🫠

just spent thirty minutes trying to figure out why i couldn’t request a file in my DigitalOcean Spaces bucket from a Rails console without getting a 403, but then exiting out and using curl would get me the file.

thirty minutes.

it took me thirty minutes to notice that the URL in my rails code had a typo.

officially turned off cross-posting to/from twitter and probably won’t even be logging in to read there much anymore. my timeline has been dwindling for a while but it’s been like a ghost town since they killed the popular third-party apps last week. there’s just no joy there anymore.