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I checked in at Wonderly / Portland / OR

just cracked open a peach milkis and YOOO HOW DID I NEVER KNOW HOW FUCKING GOOD THESE ARE?? it’s been ages since i’ve had a calpico but i think this is even better???

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Lesson 1: Anyone who knows the name of any of your S3 buckets can ramp up your AWS bill as they like.

Other than deleting the bucket, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Standard S3 PUT requests are priced at just $0.005 per 1,000 requests, but a single machine can easily execute thousands of such requests per second.

I’m absolutely flabbergasted that this is okay. How is this okay???

How an empty S3 bucket can make your AWS bill explode

Imagine you create an empty, private AWS S3 bucket in a region of your preference. What will your AWS bill be the next morning?


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I checked in at Wilder Bar Cafe / Portland / OR

I checked in at Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry / Portland / OR

I checked in at Breakside Brewery / Portland / OR

I checked in at Bialy Bird / Portland / OR

I checked in at Cafe Olli / Portland / OR

sure it took me a month, but a late birthday dinner is better than no birthday dinner 😌

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i’ve become so good at my job that i now fix bugs purely by accident. maybe by next year i’ll be able to fix bugs while i’m completely unconscious

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ME [IN CHAPTER 4 OF FF7 REBIRTH]: dunno why people are complaining about the minigames, they don’t seem too bad?

ME [IN CHAPTER 10 OF FF7 REBIRTH]: o bahamut! release me from this everlasting torment!

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I checked in at Tough Luck / Portland / OR

i wish RPGs wouldn’t do that thing where they temporarily remove some team members and force a specific party makeup. i don’t want to play as Aerith. i don’t know how

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I checked in at The BeerMongers / Portland / OR

happy 4/20 from me, my texas bbq brisket chili dog, and my loaded fries

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I checked in at Baby Doll Pizza / Portland / OR

pizza week stop 3… chicken shawarma pizza 😍🍕

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