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My dumb blog post about my dumb Redis mistakes reaching #3 on Hacker News was not something I expected when I woke up this morning

📝 From 1.5 GB to 50 MB: Debugging Memory Usage in Redis

Back when I was still working on goodbre.ws (well… rewriting, really), there was one big issue I was dealing with. Really big. Big enough to have taken down the entire site semi-permanently without me having access to more expensive servers. Long story short, my Redis database grew out of control and ballooned to 1.5 GB. The day before publising this for the first time, I reduced that memory usage to a cool 50 MB.

Looks like gem update --system has been broken for three patch versions now:

ERROR: Gem names are not allowed with the –system option

… And for those of you wondering (like me) how the fuck one joins a Google Group, try creating a new topic and you’ll be asked #RoA3