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Getting paid to play Diablo II is something that some people would call a "pretty sweet deal." I am one of these people.

I can now say I fully comprehend the ridiculous amount of paperwork involved in getting a job. It's ridiculous like a cat with bad grammar.

Thus it was decreed that baking day would hereby cease. Whilst delicious food was had by all, all things must come to an end. Even pastries.

About to once again brave the treacherous skies in a magical, flying Pringles can.

Drinking more coffee within these few days than I have in my entire life

Watching Rent. Wow haven't seen this for a long time

Back at home! Well, kinda. At an airport. I miss Sebec again already

Still disappointed in Apple for bedding up with AT&T. So disappointed.

Crab cakes in the mornin', crab cakes in the evenin', crab cakes at supper time. When crab is on a bagel, you can eat crab cakes anytime

Surrealistic dreams of Don Quixote's exploits far and wide

Open to a whole new world of curved shotguns. Thanks, Hot Fuzz

Exploring an age of reasons, quixotisms, sentimentalism, uncertainty and postmodern theory centering around Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Wondering about leaving people behind. Am I ready for this...?