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ME WHEN FRIENDS POST: delightful. i love reading about all of your days and feeling like a small part of them.

ME WHEN I POST: this is the most embarrassing thing i have ever done. why did i post. i should have stayed in bed.

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got sick for the first time since the pandemic hit and i would just like to express renewed appreciation for masking because i used to get sick 1-2 times every year and being sick is the worst. thankfully i’ve been testing negative so i feel pretty sure that it’s just a cold 😮‍💨

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i go back to work tomorrow after just over two weeks off and i’m beyond excited to show y’all what i’ve been working on during my staycation!

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less worried about the portioning for my True NYE Dinner, despite the length of the menu 😅

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i love Gado Gado and i’m Excited for this dinner but this is my first time doing the rice table (or “rijsttafel” for NYE i guess?) solo so i am also Scared

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Also note, I had a good long discussion with Justin Searls about Standard. It’s a great project, and if it fits your sensibilities, I’d encourage anyone to check that out as an alternative. But it was a fair ways off my aesthetic preferences, so wasn’t going to be suitable for the omakase menu.

great, can’t wait to have to remember yet another --skip-* option whenever i run rails new

Add (a very basic!!) Rubocop by default · Issue #50456 · rails/rails

I've finally relented on Rubocop, granted that the style enforcement is kept incredibly light. This could be the mother of all bikesheds, so I intend to reduce the style enforcement on by perso...


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i was this 🤏 close to finally ditching 1Password for iCloud Passwords. i exported everything a few weeks ago and i’ve had 1Password disabled on my phone ever since… but then i went to set it up on my Windows PC and the support is AWFUL. i’m basically forced to use Edge or Chrome. sigh.

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