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i love living in a house that’s over 100 years old! you get constant ants, mold in the basement, mice in the basement, mice in the kitchen, rats in your attic, squirrels that move into the attic once you finally, after weeks, get rid of the rats… it’s like your own personal self-contained ecosystem 😌

stopped using @SwarmApp when COVID hit and then just never picked the habit back up. now that @gowalla’s beta is out, i keep forgetting to do it; literally pulled over after i drove away from a fish market yesterday because i had to add it to the map and check in 😅

okay i finally got access to @ivory and it’s good. i miss having an intuitive central view into all of my notifications as opposed to the “Statistics” tab that tweetbot was forced into when Twitter limited their API… no reason to do that here, so i hope that gets better! #ivory

barely been posting for the last few weeks because i’ve been pretty sad lately, but the shit happening on twitter makes me feel so much worse. i’ve both hated and loved twitter for a long time now; it’s where my community was! but i don’t think i love it at all anymore. people are leaving in droves and there’s no joy there anymore. most of my friends have stopped posting and all i can do is hope more and more of them find their way here. i’m gonna try to write more here myself from now on.