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I checked in at Bar Juniper / Kita, Osaka / Osaka / JP

I checked in at Ichimatsu / 北区, 大阪市 / 大阪府 / JP

suuuuuper different from the yakitori omakase from the other night. and i’m really happy about that.

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I checked in at millpour / Chuo-Ku, Osaka / Osaka / JP

we keep finding cafes with amazing looking coffee but they’re like the darkest roasts. i’m begging for some lighter roasted coffee. even just a medium roast. please 😭

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I checked in at Bread Studio Magokoro / 中央区, 大阪市 / 大阪府 / JP

the google translation for this pork bun was too NSFW to post 😭😭😭

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our one and only interaction with the chef at lunch was during dessert (chiffon cake with whipped cream and strawberries) when he walked up to me with a big grin on his face and showed me a translation app on his phone to communicate to me: NICE GUY WITH BEARD CREAM

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I checked in at Heian-jingu Shrine / 京都市左京区 / 京都府 / JP

I checked in at % Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama / 京都市東山区 / 京都府 / JP

I checked in at Shichijo Station / Higashiyama, Kyoto / Kyoto / JP

hi Kyoto! how ya been these last eight years?

I checked in at Torisho Ishii / 北区, 大阪市 / 大阪府 / JP

this was probably one of the best meals i’ve had in my entire goddamned life

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I checked in at Bar Nemuri / Kita, Osaka / Osaka / JP

I checked in at OSARU coffee / Naniwa, Osaka / Osaka / JP

the egg sandwich was great but that french toast… some of the best i’ve ever had 😮‍💨

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